Blog Posts in December, 2016

Tread Wear 101

As the only part of your car that makes contact with the pavement, your tires will receive plenty of wear and tear over the miles. In order to preserve your car’s safety, efficiency, and ...
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Common Repairs for Diesel Engines

Diesel engines offer many advantages over conventional gasoline engines. When you drive a commercial truck or vehicle, there is a high likelihood that your vehicle will be equipped with a diesel ...
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Get the Facts About Wheel Alignment

When you bring your car in for a professional tire change, your mechanic may recommend that you also have a wheel alignment service performed for your vehicle. In this video, you will learn the facts ...
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Car Heater Maintenance in Santa Clara

The winter season is in full swing, and now is the last time that you want to be dealing with a malfunctioning or broken heater in your car. With services from a top rated car technician in Santa ...
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