Blog Posts in January, 2017

Signs That It's Time for New Tires

Your car’s tires provide you with safety, traction, and performance as you drive. Since rubber is a material that is sensitive to friction and wear, your tire treads will naturally wear down ...
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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are extremely durable vehicle components that can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear. If you are seeking a capable vehicle that will help you cut back on your regular auto ...
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What Not to Do In a Manual Transmission Vehicle

When you drive a car that is equipped with a manual transmission, you may eventually fall into some common bad driving habits. In this video from Engineering Explained, you will learn the do's and ...
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Cold Weather Driving Tips

Before the summer season transitions into fall, it is a great idea to gather information about how you can stay safe on the road once the weather shifts. The winter season can pose additional ...
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