What Happens When My Engine Runs Out of Oil?

Without regular oil changes from an auto mechanic in Santa Clara, your engine could be at risk of running out of oil. Since your engine requires oil in order to remain cooled, lubricated, and protected, a total loss of engine oil can cause significant amounts of damage to your vehicle. In the event that your engine runs out of oil, it may suddenly seize up. You may notice that your oil light is illuminated, and it may be impossible to get your car to move forward at all. The various components of your engine could also grind together, causing significant damage.

If you want to make sure that your car’s engine never runs out of oil, be sure to book regular services with a qualified auto mechanic. Your auto repair expert can help you create an oil change maintenance schedule for your vehicle, which will help you determine when it is time to bring your vehicle in for its next oil change.

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