The Hidden Costs of Delaying Shocks and Struts Repair

It might cost money to take care of issues with your car, but it can end up costing a lot more if you don’t see your car technician in Santa Clara, CA as often as you should. Driving or riding in your vehicle won’t be as comfortable if your shocks and struts are in bad shape, and you may deal with unnecessary wear to your tires and your brakes. Issues with your shocks and struts can quickly spread to other parts of the vehicle, which could mean wheel alignment problems as well. Here’s a closer look at the hidden costs of putting off your shocks and struts repair.


When your shocks and struts are working the way they should, you won’t feel much of anything when you go for a drive. If you’re bouncing around with every small bump you hit, then your shocks and struts probably aren’t in very good shape. The first hidden cost of delaying repair isn’t a monetary expense, it’s the poor experience you’ll have when driving. You and your passengers may all feel uncomfortable if the car’s suspension system isn’t doing its job, taking all of the joy out of your joyride. The constant jumping and jostling isn’t good for your vehicle or your driving experience, so don’t hesitate to call the auto mechanic.

Tire and Brake Wear

Your tires and brakes are under a tremendous amount of pressure. Your tires are the connection between your vehicle and the ground, and your brakes are responsible for stopping the momentum of your car or truck. If your shocks and struts don’t help them, they will wear out much sooner and you’ll have to find replacements. Having a tire blowout or a problem with your brakes may put you and other drivers in danger.

Wheel Alignment Problems

If your wheels rotate perfectly with your steering wheel, then you probably have good alignment. If they don’t, it could be due to your shocks and struts. Your alignment may pay the price if your vehicle doesn’t absorb shocks correctly, leading to the need for wheel alignment repair.

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