The New Driver's Guide to Tire Care

When you are first learning how to drive, it is also critical to educate yourself on how to maintain your car. In order to maintain your car’s safety and efficiency, you will need to set up tire services at regular intervals. By visiting a tire pressure expert in Santa Clara, you can rest assured that your new tires are prepared for every trip that you take down the road. If you have just started your driver’s education journey, read on to learn all about the basics of proper tire care.

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Check Your Tire Pressure Often

As you are creating a maintenance routine for your vehicle, be sure to include regular tire pressure checks. When your tire pressure gets too low or too high, your tires could be at risk of blowing out as you are traveling down the road. Using a handheld tire pressure gauge, you will be able to easily monitor the pressure in all four of your vehicle’s tires.

Inspect for Signs of Excessive Wear

Excessive tire tread wear can lead to significant safety problems as you are driving. Whenever your tires are traveling down the road, they will be exposed to natural amounts of wear and friction from the pavement. At least once a month, take the time to check out the tread wear on all of your tires. When your tires start to appear excessively worn-out, this is a sign that your vehicle is ready for new tires.

Schedule Regular Tire Rotations

Some tire care services need to be performed at a certified service station. While it is easy to inspect your tire tread wear and tire pressure at home, you will need to bring your car in to the shop for tire rotations and other services. Routine tire rotations will ensure that all four of your tires are wearing down at the same rate. If you neglect to have your tires rotated, you will run the risk of accidentally causing excessive tread wear.

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