Signs of a Struggling Serpentine Belt

Your car’s serpentine belt provides power to some of its most critical systems. From your air conditioning to your power steering, many of your vehicle’s important components would not be able to work without a functioning serpentine belt. If you start to notice belt issues in your car, do not wait to schedule auto repair services. With auto repair from a car engine mechanic in Santa Clara, you can restore your belt to its proper condition. Some of the clearest signs of a struggling serpentine belt include:

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Squealing Noises

In many instances, you can use your sense of hearing to determine whether your vehicle is experiencing belt issues. When your serpentine belt starts to wear out or lose its tension, it may start to make a high-pitched squealing sound. If you have started to notice that your car makes squealing or screeching sounds as you are traveling down the road, this could indicate a serpentine belt that is about to fail. Your technician can diagnose any strange sounds that are coming from your vehicle.

Power Steering or Air Conditioning Failure

Since your serpentine belt is responsible for powering many of your car’s critical systems, you may notice that certain aspects of your vehicle start to fail as a result of your belt problems. Two of the first systems to go out are your power steering and your air conditioning system. When you are struggling to turn your car or are noticing that your AC blows hot, this could point to serpentine belt failure.

Overheating Engine

A struggling serpentine belt may also cause issues in the cooling system of your vehicle. Without a properly functioning serpentine belt, your vehicle’s water pump may not be able to deliver an adequate amount of fluid to your engine. An overheating engine can be a serious safety hazard as you are driving. With prompt mechanical services, you can restore the safety and performance of your serpentine vehicle and your engine as a whole.
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