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To ensure your safety, it's extremely important to check and service your brakes regularly. At least once a year, come into our Santa Clara auto repair shop to get your brakes checked. However, if you think that something might be wrong with your brakes, don't hesitate to come in for a completely free consultation to see how we can resolve your brake problem.

The following warning signs definitely need attention from one of our specialists: brake-repair-autoland-santa-clara

  • A spongy or low pedal
  • A red brake warning light
  • The amber ABS brake warning light
  • Squealing and grinding sounds
  • Worn brake pad and rotor thickness
  • Worn brake shoe and drum diameter

If you notice at least one of these symptoms, don't hesitate to come in to get your brakes inspected. Here at Autoland, we will inspect your car and give you an honest explanation of what repair is needed, what is optional, and a written estimate before we get started.

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