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Diesel Engine Repair in Santa Clara

Diesel engines are known for their performance, their reliability, and their durability. Keeping your vehicle in good shape is the smartest way to get the best return on this important investment. When your diesel engine is running smoothly, you’ll enjoy improved gas mileage and a reduced risk of breakdowns that can slow you down or leave you stranded. Autoland is pleased to make maintaining and repairing your diesel engine easy and cost-effective. Our professional auto mechanics serving Santa Clara, CA, have the experience and the resources to keep your diesel engine running like new throughout the lifetime of your vehicle.

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Three Common Diesel Engine Problems

While diesel engines are certainly reliable and long-lived, there are a few common problems they’re likely to experience over time. Knowing the most likely problems to develop within your diesel engine allows you to take quick action and schedule repairs as soon as you notice the symptoms of an engine issue.

  1. Diesel engines require careful attention to the type of lubricant used in the engine, especially in cooler weather conditions. One of the most common problems associated with diesel engines is old or incorrect engine oil. This issue may manifest as trouble starting your car, as well as cause strange sounds or smells to emanate from the motor.
  2. Your engine’s main fuel filter requires regular attention to continue performing its vital function. If the filter bowl is not drained regularly, it can cause partial or total power problems that affect the performance of your car.
  3. Although diesel engines don’t require spark plugs to ignite fuel for combustion, these engines do use components called glow plugs. When one or more glow plugs fail due to age or damage, it can cause your vehicle to start slowly or fail to start at all.

Keeping Your Diesel Engine in Good Shape

The very best way to reduce the number of diesel engine repair services your vehicle requires over its lifetime is taking good care of your engine. When you need the support of an auto repair expert in Santa Clara, Autoland is here to help.

  • Always follow your auto mechanic’s recommendations regarding oil changes, engine tune-ups, and parts replacements.
  • Make sure to choose oil filters and other engine parts that are appropriate for your vehicle’s make and model.
  • As soon as you notice a change in your engine’s performance, schedule a diagnostic and repair service with a trusted auto mechanic, rather than allowing the issue to persist.

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