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CV Joint Replacement in Santa Clara

When your vehicle is having issues with the CV joint, bring it to Santa Clara auto repair shop to have it properly serviced. When you have a front wheel drive system in your car, the CV joint is important for the car to corner or cross uneven surfaces. A very normal cause for CV joint failure has to do with unwanted dirt, water, and grime that invades the joint when the rubber boot cracks. Because build-up happens quite easily, the CV joint boot should be checked regularly to inspect for these signs of wear and tear that often leads to CV joint failure.

man working on car

You Might Have a Damaged CV Joint if You Are Experiencing:

  • Grease emerging from a crack or tear
  • Grease sprayed on the inside of wheel
  • Popping or clicking sounds when turning

CV joint failure can also be found in all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive systems. Therefore, it is very important to check the make and model of your car to see what system it uses and if regular CV joint inspections are necessary. Our team at Autoland is more than capable of giving you the honest advice you need for your car.

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