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Wheel Alignment in Santa Clara

Keeping your vehicle in optimal condition is good for the longevity of your car, easier on your pocketbook, as well as the environment. Most drivers are good at getting their scheduled oil and oil filter changes, but many overlook something that can cause serious deterioration over time – periodically checking your wheel alignments.

When a vehicle’s tires are out of alignment, there are many impacts to the car – the tires wear more and unevenly, control suffers, and fuel economy is greatly reduced. Tires are often forced out of alignment from striking curbs, parking blocks, road debris, potholes, and not periodically checking tire pressure and alignment

Wheel Alignment Services

If you are experiencing the following, it may be time to get your wheel alignment checked:

  • Excessive tire wear – uneven wear down on threads
  • Your vehicle pulls to the left or right while driving
  • Steering wheel is not centered when moving straight ahead

Ask about our wheel alignment services the next time you come into Autoland of Santa Clara. Our certified technicians have the state-of-the-art latest alignment equipment available today.



$89 Wheel Alignment

Not valid with any other offer. Front End only.

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Servicing Your Wheel Alignment Needs

See how consistently maintaining your tire pressure and can ensure that your wheels stay in alignment helping your vehicle last longer.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving your wheel alignment needs. Conveniently located off of El Camino Real, the address for Autoland of Santa Clara is 2275 De La Cruz Blvd, Suite A Santa Clara, CA 95050.

If you have questions about wheel alignment services from our car mechanics, you can email us for an appointment, or call us at 408-748-1057.

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