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#1 for Auto Repair Santa Clara

Here at Autoland, our 30 years of experience will provide you with the top-quality services you need for your vehicle when you’re looking for car repair. Our memberships among certified auto service organizations can guarantee you and your vehicle will be taken care of with the best services that Santa Clara and the greater San Jose areas have to offer.

Auto repair: We can help find common problems with your vehicle, including wheel misalignment, fluid problems, and radiator issues. We also provide routine servicing, including brake, transmission, and climate control services.

Check engine light diagnostics: Our accomplished and certified technicians can quickly identify the cause of your check engine light and can repair it so you can get back in your vehicle. Our auto shop also specializes in a variety of diesel engine repairs.

Auto maintenance and tune-ups: Be sure to come into Autoland for your routine auto tune-up and car maintenance every 30,000 miles! Our services include new spark plugs or ignition coils and checking engine timing, distributor cap, rotor, and spark plug wires. We are the best choice in Santa Clara for car repair.

Auto heating repair and replacement: When the weather gets cooler, you don’t want the heater in your car to break down. Come ask our mechanics to inspect your heater to make sure you stay warm year-round.

Tire service: Wheels are the parts of your car that get you moving, so come into Autoland so we can keep them in tip-top shape. Our tire services include rotation, repair, and replacement.

Brake repair: It’s very important to check your brakes at least once a year, so let our experts at Autoland give you a proper inspection. If you notice anything abnormal with your brakes, don’t hesitate to come in and have us take a look.

Wheel alignment: Wheel alignment is something often overlooked when getting routine maintenance. Here at Autoland, we can align your wheels and make sure your tires and your car last longer!

Suspension: Like your wheels, the shocks and struts on your car also need routine checks! Our team of experienced technicians can service your car’s suspension and make sure your ride remains smooth.

Car electrical repair: Dealing with dim headlights, ignition trouble or a burning smell? Bring your car to Autoland for electrical repair. We can get down to the root of the problem and get your car back in top condition.

CV joint replacement: If you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, it’s easy for CV joints to undergo wear and tear. It’s important for us to examine your CV joint and boots and replace them if we discover any problems.

A/C service and repair: Just like it’s important to have a good working heater in the winter, it’s important to have a good working Air Conditioner in the summer! Come visit us if you notice any issues with the AC in your car.

Oil, lube, and filter change: These changes are routine for every car owner. We are proud to provide you with consistently excellent service for your routine oil, lube, and filter changes.

Fuel system service: Fuel injectors are important to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly. We provide a full service to the fuel system to ensure your car has fewer issues with emissions, horsepower and fuel economy.

Diesel engine repair: Our technicians at Autoland are trained to work on diesel engines and can handle any problems you may encounter. From routine maintenance to diesel repair, we can get the job done.

Power steering flush: Power steering reduces the force you put on the wheel to make turns in your car. We can inspect and flush the power steering fluid in your vehicle to make sure your steering is working as it should.

Charging system service: The electrical auto parts in your car need a proper examination before getting replaced. Our team will look at your car’s starter and alternator before recommending a replacement to save you money.

Serpentine belt replacement: If your vehicle has a serpentine belt, it may not need any maintenance, but it will eventually need a replacement. Let our trusted team of mechanics take a look and we will determine if you need a new belt.

Used transmissions and rebuilt transmissions: If you are having transmission issues where you are feeling hard shifting between gears or slipping bring it to Autoland for a free inspection and estimate. We include a 1-year warranty on most transmission rebuilds and 3 month warranties on used transmissions.

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