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Repairing and Installing Radiators for Over 30 Years

Our trained technicians can evaluate your cooling system problem and give you an honest assessment of what is needed to correct the cooling problem. If your vehicle is overheating, or if you notice an increase in temperature, it is vital that you contact Autoland as soon as possible. Pulling over may ensure that you don’t cause further damage to your engine. A cracked block and/or blown head gasket could be the result of driving a car that is overheating. It is much less expensive to fix your radiator than to replace your engine.

Our Radiator Services Include:

  • Radiator Repair
  • Radiator Recore or Rebuild
  • New Radiator Installation
  • Custom Built Radiators

If you think your car may have experienced radiator damage, contact Autoland immediately!

In most instances, we can fix your existing radiator, saving you money. Check out our video showcasing how our team of technicians can recore your radiator.

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