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Diesel engines offer many advantages over conventional gasoline engines. When you drive a commercial truck or vehicle, there is a high likelihood that your vehicle will be equipped with a diesel engine, though some everyday automobiles also feature these engines. In order to keep your vehicle on the road for longer, you will need to schedule a regular auto repair with a certified auto mechanic in Santa Clara. An auto repair expert that works specifically on diesel engines will be able to diagnose and repair any problem that may be occurring in your diesel system. Let’s explore some of the most common repairs that are performed on diesel engines.

Fuel Filter Cleaning

One of the most common issues reported by drivers of diesel vehicles is a sudden loss of power. When your diesel engine loses power, you may find that your vehicle suddenly slows down or has a difficult time accelerating. To restore power to your vehicle, your mechanic may suggest that you have your fuel filters cleaned. Cleaning your fuel filters will ensure that your engine is able to properly power your vehicle forward.

Oil Leak Repair

If your diesel engine starts to produce black smoke, you will want to visit your mechanic immediately. When oil leaks into a diesel engine, it could result in large amounts of black smoke coming from under the hood of the vehicle. Your mechanic will be able to fix the oil leak and clean up any oil that still is spilled around your engine components. It is important to visit your mechanic right away when you see smoke coming from your car.

Corrosion Removal

A diesel engine contains many electrical components that are equipped with metallic electrical terminals. When a diesel engine is operated in a very hot or cold environment, these metallic terminals could be at risk of developing corrosion. In order to maintain your diesel engine, you may find that it is necessary to have your mechanic perform corrosion removal on a regular basis.

Mechanic underneath hood