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You can run an expensive, top of the line vehicle into the ground if you treat it poorly, but you can save money and keep your car running for a long time if you give it the care it needs. The process involves cleaning up the engine and removing debris and deposits so it functions more efficiently, but it’s not necessarily a service that you’ll need on a regular basis. Your car engine mechanic in Santa Clara, CA can help you decide when it’s time, and he or she will get the job done right. Continue reading to learn what you should know about the fuel induction service.

What It Is

Fuel induction is a service that your car engine mechanic can provide to improve your gas mileage and the overall efficiency of your vehicle. Your specialist will clean out buildups like carbon deposits that clog up your engine. This makes it easier for fuel to move into the combustion chamber, in turn improving your fuel efficiency. It also makes your ride smoother by cleaning the throttle body and giving the engine a little more air. As long as you work with a professional car engine mechanic, you should notice significant differences after fuel induction service.

Whether or Not You Need It

You don’t need to go in for fuel induction service with the same frequency as you’d check your engine oil or change your fluid, but there are signs that suggest it might be time for a meeting with your auto mechanic. A drop in fuel efficiency is one common sign that you need fuel induction services. A rough, bumpy ride or even shaking of the car when you’re in idle are also indicators. If it feels like your car or truck takes too long to pick up when you hit the gas pedal, talk to your auto mechanic about fuel induction.

How Often to Have It Done

Most experts don’t recommend investing in weekly fuel induction. How often you should have the procedure done depends on the age and model of your vehicle, so look at your owner’s manual.

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