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If you drive a commercial truck or other heavy duty vehicle, chances are that your vehicle relies on a diesel engine. Diesel engines are powerful, capable, and highly efficient machines. In the event that your diesel engine starts to experience maintenance problems, you will want to bring your car to a qualified auto repair facility serving Santa Clara. An auto mechanic can provide you with all of the auto repair services that are needed to restore your diesel engine to peak operating condition. Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about diesel engine repair.

What Are the Differences Between Diesel and Standard Engines?

When you bring your diesel vehicle in for repairs, you may have questions about the differences between diesel engines and conventionally fueled engines. In fact, diesel and standard engines are very different in their operation and design. Unlike a standard engine, which creates combustion through the use of a spark plug, a diesel engine creates compression through the force of a compression stroke.

Why Is My Diesel Engine Producing Smoke?

If you have started to notice that your diesel engine is creating significant amounts of smoke, you will want to visit your mechanic right away. Due to their unique compression process, diesel engines are more susceptible to smoking and overheating. The smoke that is created by a diesel engine can be very harmful to breathe. With proper diesel engine repair, you can stop your diesel engine from smoking and get your vehicle back on the road.

How Do I Maintain My Diesel Engine?

As the owner or operator of a vehicle that is powered by diesel fuel, you may have questions about how to properly maintain your engine. In fact, diesel engine maintenance is very similar to maintaining a standard engine. In order to protect and lubricate the moving parts in your diesel engine, you will want to schedule regular oil changes with your mechanic.

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