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Modern cars are equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment and sensors that can tell you when an auto maintenance problem arises. One of the most essential components of your car’s auto diagnostics system is the check engine light. When your check engine light goes on, you will want to visit your car mechanic near Santa Clara right away. Your mechanic can provide you with an advanced check engine light diagnostics that will help to pinpoint the precise problem with your vehicle. Read on for a look at the most important facts that every driver should know about their check engine light.

Fact: You can drive your car with the check engine light on.

While your check engine light can indicate a variety of problems in your vehicle, you can typically drive your car for several miles after the check engine light turns on. While some check engine light issues can be very serious, others can be addressed after a few miles of driving. In order to be safe, however, you should visit the mechanic as soon as this light appears on your dashboard.

Fact: Your check engine light may turn on and off.

After your check engine light turns on, it may turn off again on its own. While this may seem like the problem has resolved itself, you should still visit your mechanic. With check engine diagnostics, your mechanic can scan for any trouble codes that may be saved in your computer’s system.

Fact: You should visit the mechanic as soon as your check engine light turns on.

In order to keep your vehicle in proper repair, it is vital that you visit the mechanic as soon as your check engine light turns on. While it may be tempting to see if the check engine light turns off, you will want to make sure that your car has not experienced significant damage. With the help of your mechanic, you can get to the bottom of your check engine light issue.

Driving with check engine light