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Your car’s transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to its four wheels. Without a properly functioning transmission, your car will cease to drive smoothly or safely. In the event that you notice transmission problems in your car, you will want to set up auto repair in Santa Clara immediately. Your car technician can provide you with transmission repairs that are targeted to your car’s specific maintenance issue. To help you decide whether you need to have your car evaluated by a transmission mechanic, here is a look at three common signs of a transmission problem.

Slipping Gears

If you drive a car that is equipped with an automatic transmission, you should be on the lookout for the signs that your transmission is slipping gears. As your transmission’s gears wear down over time, they may start to have trouble properly interlocking as your car drives down the road. When your transmission slips gears, you may hear a strange whining or squealing noise coming from underneath the hood of your car.

Rough Shifting

A transmission that is in proper working condition will shift effortlessly between gears. When you start to notice that your transmission has very rough shifts, this is a sign that your vehicle needs attention from a licensed transmission mechanic. Rough shifting could be due to low transmission fluid or could be the result of damage to the torque converter or planetary gearset. If you hear a sharp thud when your car tries to shift, this is a sign of a serious transmission problem.

Leaking Fluid

Any fluid that leaks from underneath the hood of your car is cause for concern. When your transmission is leaking fluid, you will be able to identify this type of fluid due to its bright red color. Leaking transmission fluid can also create a foul, burning odor underneath your hood. Any unusual transmission symptoms should be addressed by a mechanic right away.

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