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Diesel vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for domestic drivers. Here in the United States, more and more motorists are turning to diesel cars because of their exceptional fuel efficiency and reliable performance. If you are finding that your car needs frequent auto repair from a certified car technician in San Ramon, now may be the time to consider making the switch to a diesel vehicle. If you are wondering whether your auto mechanic will recommend that you drive a diesel car, here is a look at three benefits of these types of vehicles.

Better Fuel Economy

If you want to save money at the fuel pump, a diesel car may be the right choice for your driving needs. When you drive a car that is equipped with a diesel engine, your vehicle may be up to 20% more efficient than a conventionally-fueled vehicle. Whether you are preparing for long road trips or you are mostly a city driver, you will find that your diesel engine saves you money on fuel.

Excellent Power

When you are driving a car that is powered by diesel fuel, you may also feel as though your vehicle is more powerful than a conventional car. Diesel engines are renowned for their exceptional low-end power, which enhances torque, speed, and overall maneuverability. Even if you are not a driving enthusiast, you are certain to feel the difference when you get behind the wheel of a powerful diesel car.

Increased Towing Capabilities

Another reason to drive a diesel car is that your vehicle will have an easier time towing a trailer. When you embark on a cross-country road trip or decide to move to another state, you will find that your diesel car has no problem towing a trailer. Many pickup trucks and commercial vehicles also take advantage of the superior towing powers of diesel engines. Talk to your mechanic if you are wondering whether a diesel vehicle will be the best choice for your driving lifestyle.