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Are you searching for a friendly and experienced auto mechanic in Santa Clara for car air conditioning repair? If so, then look no further than Autoland, where our team is committed to excellence and being a leader in providing top-quality cooling services and products. Keep reading to learn what steps are involved with our complete AC service.

Identify the AC System Refrigerant

During this process, we determine the car AC system’s refrigerant, which is an essential component for cooling the air inside the vehicle.

Evacuate the AC Cooling System

Evacuating the air conditioning cooling system is a necessary step for some repairs and when the AC is recharged.

Check the Compressor Unit

Additionally, we inspect the air conditioning’s compressor unit to ensure that it is working properly. The compressor is the part of the system that pressurizes the refrigerant so it can cool the air inside the vehicle.

Test the Center AC Vent

We also check the center vent’s temperature, operation, and controls.

Inspect Hoses and Connections

Another part of our AC diagnostics process is to check to ensure that all hoses in the air conditioning system are intact and that their connections are tight.

Evaluate the Belt

During a complete AC service, one of our experienced auto mechanics checks the car AC system’s belt to assess its condition and tension.

Add Refrigerant Fluid

To help ensure that the vehicle’s air conditioning will work optimally and efficiently, we add refrigerant fluid according to proper factory recommendations.

Add Air Conditioning Oil

Also, we include the addition of air conditioning oil that contains a leak detection dye to make it easier to identify leaks.

Check AC System Pressure

To determine if the car’s cooling system is functioning at its best, the auto mechanic checks the cooling system’s pressure.

Let the experienced team at Autoland provide you with an optimally working AC system. For more information about our car air conditioning repair services, please visit our website.

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