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You should remain committed to vehicle maintenance all year long, but your practices might change along with the seasons. If you are ever unsure of what your car needs, don’t hesitate to talk to your auto mechanic in Santa Clara, CA. When it comes to keeping your vehicle in top shape throughout the warmer months of the year, you should take care to keep an eye on your fluids and your tires. You should also consider where you park to keep your car cool in an efficient manner. Read on for more on taking care of your car in the summer.

Check Your Fluids

As it is throughout the rest of the year, checking your car’s fluids is a necessary aspect of summer maintenance. You will need windshield washer fluid to remove dirt, debris, and precipitation from your windshield and maintain your visibility. You will also need to check your oil regularly as well as keep an eye on your coolant. You can check on your coolant by simply opening the hood and looking at the coolant reservoir. Remember to look for the markings that indicate the minimum and maximum levels of coolant that are appropriate for your vehicle.

Inflate Your Tires

The change in temperature that you might experience over the summer can impact the air pressure in your tires. Make sure you keep your tires properly inflated throughout the summer. Improperly inflated tires can bring about problems with handling and heat.

Park Smart

If you don’t want to overwork your car’s air conditioning system, think about where you park. Try to find a spot in the shade when you go out to run errands, and park in your garage when you return home. This will keep the interior of your car cool and make things easier for your cooling appliances. You can also avoid dents and scratches by parking far away from other cars when you pull into a parking lot.

Car in the summer