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As the operator of a commercial vehicle, it is important to stay on top of your diesel engine’s special maintenance needs. While diesel engine repair is similar to conventional engine repair, a diesel engine has some specific maintenance requirements. With regular auto repair services from a car technician in Santa Clara, you can make sure that your diesel engine remains up and running for all of your daily business operations. To help you decide when you need to bring your diesel engine in for service with an auto repair expert, here is a look at three mistakes that could cause harm to your diesel engine over the miles.

Forgetting to Change the Fuel Filter

Regular fuel filter changes are very important for the longevity and proper performance of any diesel engine. As diesel fuel is injected through your engine’s various systems, it needs to be properly filtered and cleaned. Over the miles, your diesel engine’s fuel filters will gradually become filled with dirt, gunk, and debris. To prevent engine damage, it is necessary to change out the fuel filter whenever it gets clogged.

Neglecting Air Filter Replacement

Your diesel engine’s air filter is another component that needs to be regularly changed. Like the fuel filter, the air filter can also get clogged up with many different types of dirt and buildup. Without proper air flow, your diesel engine’s turbo system, pistons, and valves will have trouble functioning correctly. Your diesel engine mechanic can assist you with all of your air filter replacement needs.

Waiting Too Long for Oil Changes

When you first purchase a commercial vehicle that is powered by a diesel engine, you will want to sit down with your mechanic to create an oil change maintenance schedule for your truck. By following this schedule, you can keep your engine from overheating or becoming otherwise damaged. If you wait too long to bring your vehicle in for oil changes, serious engine damage can occur.

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