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Improving the fuel economy of your vehicle may be simpler than you think. With regular service from a certified car technician in Santa Clara, you can make sure that your vehicle’s main systems are operating as efficiently as possible. By visiting your auto mechanic for regular wheel alignment repair and other essential services, you may find that you are able to achieve better mileage per gallon. Read on for a quick overview of some tips that will help you increase your car’s fuel economy.

Check Your Tires

One of the simplest ways that you can make sure that your car is getting the best gas mileage possible is to check the inflation and tread wear of your tires at least twice a month. If your tires start to get low on air, or their treads are worn out, they will cause your fuel efficiency to decrease. Tires that are very old may need to be replaced before you see a major difference in your average MPG.

Change Your Driving Habits

Your typical driving habits may also be playing a role in the overall fuel economy of your vehicle. Accelerating rapidly, driving faster than the speed limit, and forgetting to let your engine warm up before you drive are all habits that can cause your fuel economy to decrease. By driving at a sensible, steady rate whenever you are traveling down the road, you can achieve the best fuel economy from your vehicle.

Visit Your Auto Mechanic

Routine maintenance is vital for maintaining or improving the fuel economy of your vehicle. Without regular oil changes, coolant inspections, and other services, your car’s fuel efficiency may start to lower over time. If you have recently started to notice that your car is burning a lot more fuel than usual, a mechanical problem may be at the root of the issue. Your mechanic can provide you with essential auto repair information that will help you save money on fuel, every time you head out on a drive.

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