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With the popularity of diesel fuel on the rise, more and more drivers are choosing to make the switch to cars that contain diesel engines. After you purchase your first diesel car, you will want to make sure that you visit an auto repair expert in Santa Clara. Your car engine mechanic can provide you with a thorough diagnostic service for your vehicle, and he can also help you determine whether your vehicle needs any immediate auto repair services. If you want to keep your diesel car on the road for as long as possible, read on for an overview of some common diesel engine problems to look out for.

Excess Smoke

Diesel vehicles tend to generate much more smoke than their conventionally fueled counterparts. While it is completely natural for your diesel engine to create a small amount of dark smoke while it is running, excess smoke should create a cause for concern. If you notice black smoke billowing out of your tailpipe, this could mean that your diesel engine is leaking fuel.

Dirt Buildup

When you purchase a car that has a diesel engine, you will want to take extra precautions to make sure that your engine is kept clean at all times. Since diesel fuel is more viscous than conventional gasoline, it may tend to accumulate dirt, grime, and other contaminants. In order to keep your diesel engine up and running for the full lifespan of your car, you will want to have your mechanic clean and inspect its components regularly.

Slow Startup

When you initially turn the key in your car’s ignition, you want it to start up right away, without any lagging or hesitation. The glow plugs that are within your diesel engine can cause your engine to lag if they are not able to heat up quickly. You may, for example, find that your diesel engine is slower to start on very chilly days. A constantly lagging engine may be in need of a glow plug replacement from your mechanic.

Diagnostic of engine