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Without a properly functioning set of brakes, your vehicle will not be safe to drive. While your brakes are designed to withstand high amounts of friction and wear, there will eventually come a time when they need maintenance services. By taking the time to schedule an auto repair with a certified car technician in Santa Clara, you can make sure that your brakes are prepared to help you maintain control over your vehicle. To highlight the benefits of booking an appointment with your auto mechanic today, here is a look at some warning signs that warrant a brake inspection.

Loud Noises

To determine when it is time to schedule brake maintenance, you may only have to use your ears. As your brake pads wear down, they will start to make very loud squealing noises, every time you put pressure on the brake pedal. Rather than ignoring unusual sounds that come from your braking system, you should bring your car in for a brake check as soon as you start to identify unusual symptoms.

Mushy Brake Pedal

As you get to know your car’s performance, you will start to become familiar with its typical braking performance. In the event that your brake pedal starts to feel excessively mushy or soft, this could indicate a problem with your brake lines or brake fluid levels. Rather than attempting to drive with poorly performing brakes, it is a much better idea to bring your car into the mechanic for repairs.

Illuminated Brake Light

Your vehicle contains a series of advanced sensors that are designed to tell you when there is a mechanical problem in your vehicle. If the brake light is illuminated on your car’s dashboard, this could indicate that a major braking issue is about to occur. As soon as you notice that your brake light has become illuminated, you will want to act fast to schedule a brake inspection. Prompt braking services will help to keep your car safe on the road.

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